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 Are You Ready For Your Transformation?

Are you ready to heal from the pain of past experiences, and walk in victory?

Are you ready to THRIVE?

Whether you have been bound by a troubled past or currently dealing with setbacks, emotional rollercoasters, addictions, or negative cycles, it's your season to overcome!


Hope Restored Life is an inner-healing organization, founded by Nykia Tillman to help women overcome the painful experiences of the past that have been negatively affecting them today. These painful experiences may still have a hold on us, keeping us emotionally bound, battling fear, shame or resentment, repeating unhealthy cycles and preventing us from living the life we were destined to live.


God is leading us to walk in freedom and in our Total Transformation Course, you will gain life-changing revelation along with tools that will help you  

- become secure & confident at your core

- regulate your emotions

- build healthy relationships 

- make power moves towards your visions, goals and dreams 

Nykia Tillman also wrote the book Hope Restored to share her testimony of overcoming bondage in almost every area of her life: emotional, mental, relational, financial, physical and spiritual and throughout the book, she facilitates a safe space for you to overcome your challenges as you begin your journey of healing from the inside-out

One by one, she had to face each challenge: anxiety, panic attacks, emotional eating, shame, insecurity, fear of rejection, OCD, unhealthy relationships, unexplained sickness, anger, etc, and understand the root cause to each area of bondage. She continued the healing process as she further understood the spirit, soul & body connection, how the brain is affected by trauma and gained life changing tools that helped her regulate her emotions, build healthy connections and become proactive than reactive towards emotional triggers! God’s revelation does not and CANNOT disappoint. When she found revolutionary and infallible truth, the blinders fell off of her eyes and she began to walk in freedom! 

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the Vision

Nykia Tillman is a dynamic speaker, author, wife, and mother of three beautiful children. Nykia has a passion for helping individuals heal from the inside-out. Her revolutionary transformation has catapulted her into her inner healing program. She has been sharing this message of hope on various platforms and is also a servant leader at her local church, Macedonia.


Her message of restoring hope and healing is breaking chains and helping individuals experience the life God intended for them to live. Her valuable insight into mental health, coupled with her philosophical background, provides spiritual and emotional transformation. 

"When I reflect on my life, I am grateful for everything that God has brought me through. I know what it is to live life just existing. I know what it is to feel stuck while everyone around you seems to be flourishing. I’ve had many days when I felt lost, and I didn’t know how to move forward in life. I knew there had to be more to life, but I didn’t know how to tap into this MORE that I desperately longed for. I am now a living testimony that God can restore your hope, heal your heart, restore your relationships, renew your mind and free your soul from bondage."

-NyKia Tillman

Request for Appearance

Nykia Tillman is available to teach her Total Transformation course: Healing from the Inside-out, or speak at your next retreat, conference, or event.

Please click below to schedule a consultation today!

My Books

Looking to the Future

Hope Restored Life offers books, devotionals, journals, online courses and also group coaching sessions which facilitates a safe place for individuals to heal from the inside-out. As we look to the future we are excited to offer these and many more opportunities for you to fellowship with us throughout your journey. Take a look and see what is best for you!


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